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The Museum Gift Shop features these informative books and DVDs/videos about local history:
Postcard History Series “Yorktown”
Postcard History Series “Yorktown”
Authors – Linda G. Cooper, Adele Hobby, John Tegeder and Susan Hack-Lane
$20.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)

The recently published Postcard History Series – “Yorktown” is here! This is different from the book Images of America- “Yorktown” as this book is based on old postcards from the collections of the Yorktown Museum as well as two collectors within the Taconic Postcard Club, Susan Hack-Lane and Dolores Pedi.

Hudson Fulton Celebration of 1909
Postcard History Series “Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909”
Author – Edward F. Levine
$20.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Perfect bound book - 128 pages with index

Recently published Postcard History Series – “Hudson Fulton Celebration of 1909" will inevitably join the list of required readings for the 2009 Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial event of NY State. This publication will serve as one of the primary documents in helping us to understand 1909 and influencing our view of the contemporary celebration.

Images of America Yorktown
"Images of America Yorktown"
by Linda Cooper and Alice Roker
with many residents from the Town of Yorktown
$20.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Perfect bound book, 128 pages

Explore the rich history of Yorktown! With vivid images, the book follows Yorktown from its early establishment as part of the Van Cortlandt Manor, through its key role in the American Revolution, to its development as a thriving business community. Signed copies available at museum.

Peekskill's African American History
"Peekskill's African American History"
by John J. Curran
$20.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Perfect bound book, 155 pages

A Hudson Valley community's untold story. This publication is mostly about general trends, showing how those of African decent contributed to the creation of the Peekskill community and American society.

Hoopla on the Hudson - Hudson-Fulton Celebration 1909  
"Hoopla on the Hudson - Hudson-Fulton Celebration 1909"
by Lincoln Diamant
$15.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Perfect bound book, 127 Pages

A story from a series of dispatches from New York City, an honest Dutch eye reporting to Dutch readers on the civic razzmatazz surrounding the long awaited Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909.

Yorktown at War
"Yorktown at War 1775-1783"
by John T. Martino
$20.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Saddle-stitched book, 48 pages

Originally written as a chapter for a Bicentennial book that was never published, this book (with additional research) was privately published by the original author in 1996.

"Yorktown at War" portrays the involvement of Yorktown and Northern Westchester during the American Revolution with emphasis on the Davenport House Massacre of Officers Green and Flag and the black troops of the Rhode Island Regiment by the British.

The Old Leather Man
"The Old Leatherman"
by Dan W. DeLuca
$35.00 (plus $11.00 shipping & handling if mailed)
Hard cover - 8 1/2 x 11 - 144 pages, with index photographs

Many know of the Leatherman but few know his story. Join with the author as he tracks the footsteps and unravels the myths surrounding this enigmatic and unique character. Enjoy a fascinating historical documentation of a mysterious New York & Connecticut legend. This newly released volume gives early newspaper accounts of this most interesting figure along with timetables, maps and photographs (many never before published).

The Old Put
"The Old Put" Vol II & III
by Joe Schiavone
$35.00 each volume (plus $11.00 shipping and handling for each volume if mailed)
Hard cover – High quality, a must see.

Over 100 pages of dynamite photos of “The Old Put” railroad line from Brewster to High Bridge. Many never seen before plus an overview of the line.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY'S Million-Dollar-A-Mile Railroad
"WESTCHESTER COUNTY'S Million-Dollar-A-Mile Railroad"
by Robert A. Bang
$18.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Saddle Stitched, 62 Pages

Book is a pictorial essay of the rise and fall of the short lived, but long remembered, New York, Westchester and Boston Railway Company from 1912 – 1937.  Copies of newspaper clippings, a fare schedule and a chapter on then and now are included.

An Object of Great Importance
"An Object of Great Importance"
The Hudson River During the American War for Independence

by Christopher DiPasquale
$15.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Perfect bound, 92 Pages

The author writes about the importance of the North River now called the Hudson River during the American Revolution.  Material includes chapters on Peekskill, West Point, Stony Point and Benedict Arnold’s Treason.

Still All Around Us
"Still All Around Us" An Illustrated Guide
to The American Revolution in Westchester County

by Harry M. Dunkak, CFC, Ph.D
$12.50 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Saddle-stitched book, 44 pages,
55 illustrations including maps and photographs.

Published in recognition of the 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution, "Still All Around Us" provides illustrations, essays, information, and resources never before gathered into one source. Dr. Dunkak is Professor Emeritus of History, Iona College.

America the Beautiful — Women and the Flag
"America the Beautiful — Women and the Flag"
by Trudie A. Grace
$20.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Perfect bound book, 95 pages

Based on Richard Saunders’ (of Nelsonville, NY) collection of images on posters, sheet music, tobacco labels, postcards etc. of women draped with the American flag, relating to women as a patriotic icon. Many beautiful color photos. A wonderful addition to your home library or gift for that special someone.

PUNCH & JUDY Color & Cut Finger Puppet Theatre
"PUNCH & JUDY Color & Cut Finger Puppet Theatre"
by Fred & Sondra Greenspan
$8.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Makes 9 puppets.

Fred Greenspan has been entertaining audiences of all ages since the early 1980’s. His Punch & Judy shows are seen at museums, historic sites, corporate parties, fairs and special events of all kinds.

Sondra Schoultz Greenspan is a graphic designer who has created many international product designs. Now, with this book you can put on your own Punch & Judy Finger Puppet Shows.

Connie & Wally Catalog
"Connie & Wally Catalog"
Limited edition — regular price $15.00
Special Sale! $10.00 (plus $7.00 shipping and handling if mailed)
Saddle-stitched book, 70 pages, 100 illustrations

A special exhibition catalog of the work of two world renowned Yorktown artists: Consuelo Kanaga, Photographer and Wallace Putnam, Painter. The catalog consists of 70 pages, 100 illustrations, artist's statements, exhibition histories, numerous essays and a select bibliography.

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