What do you believe in?
Or rather what did you believe in when you were young?

The Renowned Miniaturists’ Carol & Neal Pruzan with the staff at the Yorktown Museum have assembled wonderful scenes showing examples of Magic, the Tooth fairy, Dragons, Fairy Tales, & Love ~ who doesn’t believe in LOVE to name a few. They also show the darker side of what we believe in such as Ghosts and Witches.

Special notice should be taken of the Margaret Hamilton doll representing the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz. Margaret Hamilton was the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. The doll was made by Sheila Kwartler in 1982.

Exhibit Open through March 15, 2017!


Woodlands Room

Step back into the time of Westchester's first inhabitants, the Mohegan Indians. A total environmental experience of the lifestyle and culture of these early settlers ... Enter the predawn setting of a Mohegan village ... let your eyes adjust to the darkness as you listen to the sounds of the forest and river as the settlement, portrayed through murals and replica of a longhouse, becomes more visible ... imagine the smoke rise through the smokehole ... experience the Mohegan lifestyle.

The Woodlands
The Arthur C. Lee Room: Farming

From ice-cutting to spring plowing, the cycle of seasons on the farm represented by original tools. Most tools displayed were donated by area residents once used in their homes and on their farms. Find out how much you know about farm tools by trying the Q & A board. An unusual experience!

The Bob McKeand Room: Railroading

A recreation of the Yorktown Depot area circa 1950 features a HO scale model layout ... a delight for both young and old railroad enthusiasts, be they historians or model train buffs. Old Put line devotees will be thrilled by the large collection of Put artifacts and photos on display. Step back in time and once again "ride the rails" of the old Put!


The Marjorie Johnson Room: Miniatures

A facinating "small world" awaits here ... a group of enchanting miniature rooms and houses, each displaying a variety of small scale furnishings ... star of this exhibit is the lovely late Victorian house filled to the attic with tiny treasures and is specially noted for the "stone" work at its base, its 8,000 hand cut clapboards ... and mysterious ghost.

The Sylia Thorne Rooms: Early Yorktown

Lift the latch on the weathered door and enter a two room home ca. 1750-1850. The warm and welcoming kitchen, complete with open hearth fireplace, table set for a meal and the mellow flow of antique wood and pewter, invite each visitor to tarry a while and savor a bygone era.

The Doris and Cortland Auser Research Room

The library provides resource material for delving into genealogy, local area history and antiques ... our map collections as well as old records and documents are available for study and research.

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