Dede Emerson, lecture on Manhattan, One Foot, One Block at a Time

On April 24, 2005 Dede Emerson began the first of her walks that would result in her walking every single block, street, nook, and cranny of Manhattan taking more than 2,000 pictures of the offbeat, yet normal side of Manhattan. The end result has been her first book, "A Different Kind of Streetwalker…Manhattan by Foot, One Block at a Time" published by Booksurge.
Finding Oz: How L. Frank Baum Discovered the Great American Story

In Finding OZ our guest speaker tells the tale behind one of the world's most enduring and best-loved stories with new insights into the origins and meaning behind L. Frank Baum's 1900 masterwork. Our speaker delves into the personal turmoil and spiritual transformation that fueled Baum's fantastical parable of the American Dream.

Evan I. Schwartz is a former award-winning editor at BusinessWeek and is also the author of The Last Lone Inventor. He lives with his family in Connecticut. The book will be available and the author will be present for book signing.

Visit the Finding Oz Website

19th Century Baseball in the Hudson Valley with Bob Mayer

Lecture on early regional baseball teams of Peekskill, Brewster, Mahopac/Carmel, Poughkeepsie, and Newburgh. and the Black barnstorming teams to come through the Hudson Valley area. Vintage memorabilia, postcards and photographs will be shown.

Mount Pleasant with George & Claudine Waterbury and Bert Ruiz

Local historians will talk about their documented history and the postcards that depict Mount Pleasant, one of our Lower Westchester's towns. Their Arcadian book will be available at the program.
Elephant Motel

Site visit to the Elephant Hotel in Somers, NY.
Time to be announced. Reservations required.
Edith Weber - Art Nouveau & Art Deco Fashion Postcards
Edith Weber, one of New York's finest antique jewelers and fashion consultant, uses her extensive postcard collection and her expertise in the fashion world to bring us a glimpse of two early and important periods in illustrated fashion. Her postcard collection highlighting famous artists including the works of Alphonse Mucha, Henri Meunier, Umberto Brunelleschi, and Xavier Sager.

Jane Daniels co-author of Walkable Westchester
Devoted to the outdoors and committed to the protection of open space, Jane will talk about the many parks and preserves in Westchester County. She and her husband Walt recently published for the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference, a comprehensive guide to trails and parks throughout Westchester, "Walkable Westchester".

Frances Dunwell - The Hudson: America's River
As part of our continued 2009 Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration we welcome local author and conservationist Fran Dunwell. In her talk, she draws from her new book, talking about those inspired by their relationship with the river who changed the direction of our national history. Her talk recounts how the river powered the growth of the country’s greatest industrial and financial empire and produced leading American artists, writers, engineers and environmentalists.

Kathleen Eagen Johnson
Author of The Hudson-Fulton Celebration
New York's River Festival of 1909 and the Making of a Metropolis

Thomas X. Casey - Postcards I Do Not Have & How To Find Them

The History of the Town of Kent in Putnam County
Reggie White, Putnam County archivist and TPC member, will present an illustrated view of the history of the Town of Kent in Putnam County, just as his new book on the town is to be released.

"Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here!"

Architect, working in Historic Preservation, James Rhodes will present "Having a Wonderful Time, Wish You Were Here!" Jim's photographic images of his travels around the world are the images of today's postcards, but for Jim, they are a comprehensive document of his architectural and preservation work, restoring some of the most treasured buildings around the world. This Croton resident has also worked on buildings closer to home, Grand Central Terminal and the Guggenheim Museum to name a few. Just what does he do? Join us to find out as he spans the world with architectural wonders.

"Peekskill's African American History:
A Hudson Valley Community's Untold Story"

John Curran, Peekskill City Historian, will talk about the African American story
in this area based upon his research for his new publication
"Peekskill's African American History: A Hudson Valley Community's Untold Story".

Clizia Gussoni - Touring the Myth and Romance of Rome
In her postcard presentation, Clizia Gussoni will showed vintage postcards
of the cosmopolitan Italian city of Rome and disclose the ancient lore that holds many mystical references.

Todd Weseloh talked about the early history of postcards. Todd along with Bob Bogdan, recently published the landmark book "The Real Photo Postcard Guide", already an important reference book in the field of real photo postcards.

Co-Hosted by the Friends of the Yorktown Museum and the Yorktown Historical Society, local resident Dick Schriener talked about the Hudson-Fulton Celebration of 1909. This event celebrated our Hudson River heritage and the contributions of Henry Hudson and Robert Fulton. Postcards remain an important legacy of this event.

Ed Levine on Central Park in NYC and its long history including the postcards produced of this landmark city park. Ed's book with Arcadia Press has recently been released.

Taconic Postcard Club

"Next Stop Chappaqua: A Train Buff and Collector's View Over the Past 140 Years."

Presented by: Steve Swirsky

Focused on the relationship between the railroad and the Westchester community of Chappaqua over the past 140 years. Included in the presentation were numerous postcard images of train stations on the Harlem Line from Chappaqua south to Grand Central as well as images of the old Putnam Line and the New York Westchester & Boston Electric Railroad that linked the Bronx and White Plains from 1912 - 1937.

Mt. Beacon Incline
Presented by: Jim Bopp and Andrew Chiusano

Jim Bopp and Andrew Chiusano spoke about the Mt. Beacon Incline at the height of its popularity during the Golden Age of postcards.

Fort Ticonderoga: A Postcard History
Presented by: Carl Crego

Located on Lake Champlain in the Adirondacks, Fort Ticonderoga is an 18th century fort from the French and Indian War and American Revolution, with a museum of military history and historic gardens.

Art of Japanese Postcards from the Leonard Lauder Collection
Presented by: Anne Nishimura Morse

Anne Nishimura Morse, Curator at the Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, is responsible for cataloguing and documenting the wonderful and extensive collection of Japanese art postcards donated by Leonard Lauder. In the museum publication of last year Anne brings to us information about the artists, the cultural and the techniques used in the Art Nouveau to Art Deco period contributing to some of the most exquisite cards.

While the Art Nouveau style of the 1890s was developing in Western Europe, Japanese artists were contributing and forming their own very special style using artistic and printing techniques unfamiliar to the Western world.

Curator’s Perspective
Presented by: Megan Hahn Fraser

Library Director at the Independence Seaport Museum, Megan Hahn Fraser, brings an interesting perspective to postcards and the collectors. The nature of a postcard presents a special challenge and reward for a museum or library curator in terms of housing, organization, access and exhibition. What are good ways to store postcards in order to preserve them? How should they be described so that researchers can find them and use them for different purposes? What are the different ways they can be used in exhibitions, and how should they be displayed? What does a postcard collection tell us about the collector? What does the future hold for postcards, collections and museum collecting? Megan provides a special bonus when you realize that she is helping us realize the importance of our own collections.

Real Photo – The Ultimate Collection
Real Photo Postcards Presented by: Harvey Tulcensky

While photographic images have long appeared on postcards a Real Photo postcard refers to a very special process in postcard production that often captured the most personal and rarer events of a town or its people. NYC resident Harvey Tulcensky brings with him the often times unique images that appear in his new book – The Ultimate Collection, an interesting retrospective of images that tell a story.

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