Welcome to the Yorktown Museum, where history comes alive! Visit a recreated 18th century home and an early Mohegan Indian settlement. Discover the Old Put Railroad and see how local farms operated. Find unique gifts, enjoy fascinating and detailed miniatures, conduct research – all in our convenient location in Yorktown Heights.

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Toy World Exhibit

The Yorktown Museum’s Holiday display will include toys from around the world, old and new. Santa, dolls, bears, toys and gifts from different countries will be highlighted to show how each country has a unique approach to the same subject.

Dolls showing foreign costumes and Santa Clauses in the traditional garb of many of the countries of the world will be only a few of the things to see this holiday season.

The Sleepy Hollow Doll Club and other friends of the Museum will share some of their treasures and creations too.

Just in time for the opening of Toy World we have been given a MAGNIFICENT collection of model soldiers. (The donor wishes to remain anonymous). Be sure to see this wonderful display. It is so in keeping with our Toys of the World exhibit. Hundreds of model soldiers from dozens of countries make a very colorful addition to our collection - they include Indian war elephants, Zulu warriors and the Coronation coach of Elizabeth II and will give men, women and children something to ah over.

Disney is not the only place with a “Small World”. Be sure to come see the Yorktown Museum’s Toys of the World this holiday season. Starting December 6, 2014 and running until the end of March 2015.

Letters to Santa

Have your child write a letter to Santa Claus ~ North Pole and mail it at the Yorktown Museum between November 29th and December 23rd. Sponsored by the Friends of the Yorktown Museum. Mailbox is on the Top Floor Landing at the Veterans Road entrance to the Yorktown Community & Cultural Center.

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The Museum’s supporting organization continues to fill a great need with raising funds, providing programs and assisting the museum staff with whatever is needed. We need and depend upon your help to make our plans work and hope that you will join us!

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Choose from a fantastic selection of books, homemade gifts, dollhouse furniture & accessories, and many more items! Come visit us during museum hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays or by appointment!

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