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School Days
As Local schools are now on summer vacation ~ Come to the Yorktown Museum and see how early education began here. Mostly in a one room schoolhouse and then changing to the present central school district.

In the early days of schooling, most of the schools were one-room structures with children taught until the 8th grade or until they were 21 years of age, whichever came first. Most of the instruction was done in the winter, giving the children time to work on their family farms in the other seasons.

The Beers No. 21 - 1867 map shows there were 13 School Districts in Yorktown alone.

As our population grew and Yorktown evolved into a thriving community ~ school houses were eliminated and the New School - District 3 was built in the 1880s at hanover Road and church Place, on the site of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Old Stone Church and was used until 1923. This school had four classrooms and was two stories.

By August 1917, yorktown created a board of education and consolidated the properties of nine smaller districts into one.

The Yorktown school built in 1921 and located on Commerce Street, was originally a school for all grades.

later the district moved it's upper grades to a new campus on Route 202 and this building then became the "Sixth Grade School" ~ today the YCCC (photo below).

The north-wing addition was built in 1927 and the south-wing addition in 1935.

In 1927, Miss Eunice Sherwood was the principal and her staff consisted of twelve teachers.

Miss Mildred Strang came to Yorktown to teach in 1929.

And so our story begins.

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