Welcome to the Yorktown Museum, where history comes alive! Visit a recreated 18th century home and an early Mohegan Indian settlement. Discover the Old Put Railroad and see how local farms operated. Find unique gifts, enjoy fascinating and detailed miniatures, conduct research – all in our convenient location in Yorktown Heights.

– "Preserving the Past. . .   Enriching the Future."          

Holiday Exhibit Hats Off to the Holidays & Our Parents Toys

Hats Off to the Holidays features hats used as the settings for miniature scenes. The Hat scenes were created by the nationally know miniature artist, Carole Pruzan and husband Neal.

Our Parents Toys features vintage toys from the 1940s, '50s, and '60s. Many of the toys may be from your own childhood so be sure to point them out to the younger generation and reminisce over the fun you had playing with them.

Both exhibits will be on display through March 2014.

Visit the Yorktown Museum's Unique Skeleton Exhibit:
"Funny Bones"
By Carole & Neil Pruzan

Come view this humorous display of over 50 everyday phrases depicted and illustrated with those dry bones!
<-- Can you guess what the caption is for this skeleton? Visit the Museum to find out!

Join the Friends of the Yorktown Museum
The Museum’s supporting organization continues to fill a great need with raising funds, providing programs and assisting the museum staff with whatever is needed. We need and depend upon your help to make our plans work and hope that you will join us!

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Friends of the Yorktown Depot
Help save the
Yorktown Depot

In the Gift Shop . . .
Choose from a fantastic selection of books, homemade gifts, dollhouse furniture & accessories, and many more items! Come visit us during museum hours on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays or by appointment!

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